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On December 6, 2015, John C. Fountain's grand adventure came to an end. And a new one began.

Though his absence is felt in our hearts, there are reminders of his presence everywhere. In the blue skies and golden rays. In open highways and running rivers.

But most of all in the music. Like any great seafaring adventurer, John left behind a trove of buried treasure - dozens of unreleased recordings of his original songs.

Now we are working to release these songs as part of the Johnny Fountain album project. Under the direction of Johnny's friends Dan Boyden and Dominic Lavoie -- two of Portland's most accomplished musicians -- the raw recordings have been further enhanced by contributions from John's wide circle of friends and family, including his sister Katharine Wray Fountain. What started out as solo recordings are now fully realized creations celebrating John's songcraft and the community he loved so much and was so integral to.

Our goal is to release this album -- including a vinyl edition -- in time for John's birthday on December 22, 2018.

This is where we need your help. We intend to give John's music the treatment it deserves -- with professional mixing, mastering, and duplication.

We hope you will contribute and spread the word of John's music once the official campaign begins. Once production costs is met, all further proceeds will be donated to Sail Maine - a community sailing program in Portland - in accordance with the Fountain family’s wishes.

In the course of working on this project, we have pored over the pages of John's notebooks and song lyrics. We came across this entry dated 4-10-2006:

Structured from the chords I'd leave behind
if I should die tomorrow
A funeral symphony
I never knew I wrote for you.
These are me, but should you feel so inclined
take them out.
They're all yours now.


Will Ethridge
Dan Boyden
Dominic Lavoie